Nadine Dabby

Specialties: AI, IoT, Wearables, Biochemistry, Nanotechnology, Neural Computation, Programming, Writing / Communication, Prototyping, Project Management. In my current role as a Research Scientist at Intel, I build prototypes that showcase new concepts and applications of technology. My work ranges from material science to algorithm development. Since joining Intel, I led a 5-person team in presenting a new Data Center strategy to Intel’s CEO, I built an application that was shown in a CES keynote presentation, and I have filed 19 patents (6 granted) around technologies that I have created or co-created. While my graduate research at Caltech focused on programming molecules to assemble themselves into autonomous machines, I have also spent a good deal of my career working in inter-disciplinary fields with diverse groups: I taught design students for 6 years at Art Center College of Design and I have presented to Toyota's in-house innovation group. I love collaborating with others. I look at problems from multiple perspectives and I can communicate at a very deep level with scientists, engineers, designers and lay people.