Leonardo Rios

Leonardo Rios earned his Chemical Engineering MEng and Biotechnology MSc degree at the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and the Mexican Institute of Petroleum. This led him to pursue his PhD in the Biochemical Engineering Department at UCL under supervision of Professor Gary J. Lye where he worked in microscale automated tools to design, model and optimise de novo pathways, specifically working with transaminases, transketolases and mono amino oxidases. Leonardo then won a prestigious postdoctoral fellowship from the University of California Berkeley to perform research study at the Keasling Lab in the Joint BioEnergy Institute in the microbial synthetic biology field. Leonardo was awarded a lectureship in 2017 at the Engineering School of the University of Edinburgh where he leads his research group at the Institute for Bioengineering. Research motivation Our research motivation at the LeoRios lab focuses in promoting further understanding on the interphase of Biochemical Engineering and Synthetic Biology as well as to find novel ways to apply this knowledge to tackle the growing socio-economic inequalities that plague the world. Dr Rios has a firm belief that if scientists gear their research and discoveries toward this end, an immense contribution will be made fighting problems like equal access to food and pharmaceuticals, boosting local economies, high quality education as well as the promotion of a greener and more sustainable environment.