Our History

In 2019, AI LA, a 501(c)(3) non-profit launched the Life Summit on the Caltech campus in Pasadena. For the first time, local healthcare systems leveraged the collective brain power of the Greater Los Angeles community to workshop their problems using a design thinking process. This was an opportunity for our members to learn how healthcare systems are thinking about their problems, add value with their expertise while participating in a working group, and meet other like-minded professionals during this invite-only engagement.

Each health system leader had their own working group (~10 professionals) to work on an internal problem using a design thinking approach guided by CATALAIZE and Pasadena Art Center UX researchers.

Our participating organizations were Children's Hospital LA Innovation Studio, Huntington Medical Research Institutes (HMRI), Kaiser Permanente, Cedars Sinai, Doheny Eye Institute, and the National Association of Social Workers/CA - Technology Council.

2019 AI in Life Sciences

Following our invite-only workshop, AI LA and Innovate Pasadena hosted a public networking event and a moderated panel with some of the brightest minds in Southern California working at the intersection of life sciences and artificial intelligence.

Dr. Maribeth Raines - COO, Breakthrough Genomics
Dr. Dan Ruderman - Director of Analytics & ML, Lawrence J. Ellison Institute for Transformative Medicine of USC
Dr. Yisong Yue - Assistant Professor of Computing and Mathematical Sciences at Caltech
Patrick Lilley - CEO, Liquid Biosciences

Keri Kukral  - CEO/Founder, Raw Science

2019 MIT Hacking Medicine:

Cancer and Mental Health @ Cedars-Sinai Accelerator

AI LA and MIT Hacking Medicine partnered to host a 3 day hackathon focusing on Cancer and Mental Health Issues on November 1-3, 2019.

We flew out two MIT students to help facilitate a weekend of brainstorming solutions to big challenges within the fields of Oncology and Mental Health.

Winning teams  had the opportunity to meet with local healthcare organizations, investors, and advisors to see how they can take their solution and business strategy to market.

Dr. David Rabin
Christine Meinders
Jo Bhakdi
Doug Lorenzen


Mental Health
Edmond Banayan
Drorit Gaines, PhD
Dmitri Leonov

Kathryne Cooper
David M.J. Hoffman, MD
Camilo Ansarah-Sobrinho, Ph.D.


Greatest Health Impact - Legacy
Most Innovative - Legacy
Best Business Model - 9MusesLive

Mental Health
Greatest Health Impact: MindPrint
Most Innovative: Build-a-bot
Best Business Model: Mama Drama


The pandemic forced us to change the format of our Life Summit. It provided us an opportunity to expand to 3 days of programming with 70+ global experts and 18+ hours of live thought-provoking discussions, 1 on 1 video chat roulette networking, and a live Q&A with attendees and speakers.

Revisit Life Summit 2020

About AI LA

AI LA is a California 501(c)(3) non-profit, synergizing the public, private, and non-profit sectors to support the research, development, and application of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and related exponential technologies in Southern California. 

Since 2016, we have been convening a cross-disciplinary group of academic and industry experts and the general public to explore the impacts AI, machine learning, and other frontier technologies have on our personal and professional lives.

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