Life Summit 2021

A Hybrid Conference
for technologists and scientists

Through scientific storytelling, we will discuss some of the most pressing issues of our time regarding population health, digital therapeutics, fighting deadly diseases with precision medicine, and deep learning applications in the field of longevity medicine.

Life Summit will provide an in-person and virtual forum for academia, industry, and big tech to coalesce through competitive poster sessions, a startup expo, an AI Innovation Lab Showroom, local industry, and investor talks, and more. 

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Three Days of
Dynamic Content

Reflect on our COVID-19 response

Day 1 Topics
Hackers Without Borders
Global Pivot
Digital Delivery of Behavioral Health
LA's COVID-19 Response
Equity in Telehealth
Health Systems Stressed

Recenter with Research

Day 2 Topics
Robot-assisted Surgery
Deep Learning
Investor Roundtable
AI Applications in Ophthalmology
AI in Healthcare

Reimagine Science

Day 3 Topics
Personalized Cancer Treatments
‍AI Wet Labs
Quantified Self
Synthetic Biology
‍Sustainable Living Systems

Industry Expert Speakers

Awesome Benefits of
Life Summit

18+ Hours of Live Content

Each day is split into two segments:
8am PT to 11am PT and
4pm PT to 7pm PT

Speed Networking

Get matched with other attendees for 1 on 1 video calls.

60+ Expert Speakers

World's leading experts in bioinformatics, healthcare, biology, and computer science.

Live Q&A

Talk directly to speakers and other attendees.

Life Summit

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